Montréal 2018

MISQA and Claude Gingras

Claude Gingras (musical critic of "La Presse" since 1953) was interviewed following his recent announcement of retirement. In the paragraph relating his "unforgettable moments", he talks about Karl Böhm’s1967 Elektra (Birgit Nilsson, Leonie Rysanek, Regina Resnik), the 1972 Mahler 2nd Symphony directed by Zubin Mehta, recitals of Till Fellner and Emmanuel Ax and " the McGill International String Quartet Academy, where young quartets play like gods in a full hall made of a young audience who listen religiously. It is the most beautiful thing during the summer in Montreal.

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Les Musiciens du Quatuor

A series of 4 documentaries of Georges Zeisel and Catherine Zins
Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th at 7pm
Tanna Hall 527 / Sherbrooke street west.
Free admission / tickets needed.

Production INA/ La Sept (ARTE)
Co-production: CST Prague, / MTVBudapest

I. Vienne, 1er mouvement
The birth of the Classical style (1760-1828)

II. Variations sur un thème Européen
The National Schools of String Quartet in Europe (1830-1930)

III. Largo desolato: l' Exil
Vienna (1900-1945)

IV. Dernier mouvement : Reprise
The String Quartet in USA, the return to Europe (1938-1988)

This series of documentaries trace back

Through testimonies of the most significant musicians of the 20th century, this documentary series traces the history of the String Quartet and of its performers.
The story of its birth in Vienna, at the time of Joseph Haydn, to the present day through its migration in Europe in the 19th century and its international migration to the USA in the 30s.

This story brings together interviews, rehearsals, master classes and film archives documents that feed the narrative. The documentaries were filmed in France, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Great Britain and the United States.

With the participation of:

Norbert Brainin (Amadeus Quartet)
Hatto Beyerle (Alban Berg Quartet)
Sir Yehudi Menuhin (violinist)
Sandor Vegh, (Vegh Quartet).
Walter Levin (Lasalle Quartet)
Guenter Pichler (Alban Berg Quartet)
Andras Mihaly (violinist)
Sandor Dévich (Bartok Quartet)
Milan Skampa (Smetana Quartet)
Antonin Kohout (Smetana Quartet)
Serge Collot (Parrennin Quartet)
Louis Krasner (violinist)
Adrienne & Felix Galimir (Galimir Quartet)
Eugen Lehner (Kolisch Quartet)
Leonard Stein  (Schoenberg Institute)
Eleonore Slatkin (Hollywood string Quartet)
Samuel Rhodes & Joel Krosnik (Juilliard String Quartet)
Isidore Cohen (Beaux Arts Trio)
Sidney Griller (Griller Quartet)

rehearsals, masterclasses and concerts:
Ysaye Quartet
Parisii Quartet
Arpeggione Quartet
Ludwig Quartet
Smetana Quartet
Lafayette Quartet
Fransiscan Quartet
Musicians of the Marlboro Festival and Tangelwood Academy.

Amadeus Quartet
Vegh Quartet
Jenô Hubay
Hollywood String Quartet
Budapest String Quartet
Arnold Schoenberg
Alma Mahler
Alban Berg String Quartet
Lasalle String Quartet
Wihelm Furtwangler + Berliner Philharmoniker
Willi Boskowski + Wiener Philharmoniker

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La Virée Classique

The Virée Classique of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra offers a second edition that will take place over two days, in four halls of the entertainment district: the Maison Symphonique de Montréal, the la Cinquième Salle et le Studio-théâtre of the Place des Arts and the Beverley Webster Rolph Hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art. No less than 30 concerts of 45 minutes each will be given during the two-day event.

The Calidore and the Schumann Quartets will be performing at Studio-théâtre of Place des Arts, Saturday August 17 at 5:30pm

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