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Année(s) à MISQA
Membres du quatuor

Violon : Charlotte Saluste-Bridoux

Violon : Lorraine Campet

Alto : Pierre-Antoine Codron

Violoncelle : Tom Almerge-Zerillo


The Confluence quartet is made up of four eclectic young musicians who met in September 2019 to share their love of the string quartet repertoire among so many other things ranging from ecology to pure intonation and traditional music.

In September 2021, the quartet won the 1st prize, the Audience Prize, the Contemporary Works Prize and the IADGIO Prize at the Trondheim International Competition.

Pierre-Antoine and Tom meet at the CNSM in Lyon, where they discover and develop together a great passion for the quartet. Once graduated, the two friends set out to build the set of their dreams. Recalling the striking memory of an elegiac trio by Rachmaninoff with little Charlotte, his first chamber music partner, Tom suggests that he join them. After 11 years in England at the Menuhin school then at the Royal College of Music, Charlotte moved to Paris. It is during a chamber music festival that the last piece of the puzzle finally appeared: Lorraine, a young rising star, a graduate of the CNSM in Paris in double bass and violin.

Once established in Paris, the quartet launched into work with determination. Combining the ardor of Charlotte, the poetry of Pierre-Antoine, the imagination of Tom and the musical strength of Lorraine, it attempts to offer a new perspective on the interpretation of the repertoire.

In residence at the Singer-polignac foundation, the Quatuor Confluence works with Mathieu Herzog. The quartet is generously supported by the Swiss foundation Boubo-Music, which has provided them with ancient Italian instruments.