- August 4 to 17, 2024

Quatuor Talich


The Talich Quartet has been evolving as part of a prestigious line of musicians for nearly fifty years, representing Czech musical art throughout the world. For several decades, the Talich Quartet has been recognized internationally as one of the world´s finest string quartets, and as the embodiment of the great Czech musical tradition. The Quartet was founded in 1964 by Jan Talich Sr. and named in honour of his uncle, the renowned conductor Václav Talich.
During the 1990s, there was a gradual change in personnel, rejuvenating the Quartet while continuing the tradition of its predecessors through involvement in a wide spectrum of musical engagements and recording activities. The Quartet recordings have been highly praised and honoured through the years; La Dolce Vita label has acquired the entire discography of the Talich Quartet from the prestigious French label Calliope.

Professor at MISQA for the following years