2022 Edition

- August 7 to 20

Documentaries, Presented By Georges Zeisel

Year(s) at MISQA
Quartet members

Violin: Part 1 , Monday August 19

Violin: Part 2 , Tuesday August 20

Viola: Tanna Schulich Hall , 7pm

Cello: Res. , misqashop.com


I. Vienna, 1st movement
II. Variations on a European theme
III. Largo desolato: the exil
IV. Last mouvement : Da capo
Through testimonies of the most significant musicians of the 20th century, this documentary series traces the history of the String Quartet and of its performers.
The story of its birth in Vienna, at the time of Joseph Haydn, to the present day through its migration in Europe in the 19th century and its international migration to the USA in the 30s.